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What are the cannabis clubs in Barcelona?

There are several cannabis associations in Barcelona. The city has an active cannabis community, with more than 4,000 members. These associations, or cannabis clubs, are regulated by the Barcelona Public Health Agency.

Many of these cannabis clubs have high quality, edible and concentrated cannabis flowers. Our Hollyweed Bcn is an excellent example of a cannabis association in Barcelona.

Some cannabis associations in Barcelona are more formal, while others are more informal. Some offer additional services, such as live concerts or game nights. Other clubs also offer spaces and art TVs to watch live sports. Most offer free WiFi, so that members can access club facilities at any time.

The city is working to pass legislation that will protect the rights of members of these associations. The city's regulations include a requirement to install a chimney to expel cannabis smoke.

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Can I be a member of a cannabis association?

To become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona, you must be a legal resident of the city and possess a valid government-issued ID. In addition, if you wish to register as a therapeutic user, you must have a valid medical certificate. In addition, marijuana clubs in Barcelona have their own genetics teams, which produce award-winning strains.

Cannabis associations in Barcelona are growing rapidly, as the legalization of CBD has normalized the cannabis industry. As such, they have become important meeting places for marijuana lovers. Below, we have listed some of the best cannabis social clubs in Barcelona. These clubs have a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff.

Although the law in Spain does not allow the use of marijuana in public places, it does allow the use of marijuana in private spaces. Residents in Barcelona can grow up to two plants in their private residences. However, if they choose to grow marijuana in public, they risk being caught and fined. They can also be arrested if they violate the law.

  1. Hollyweed BCN - Very close to subway L5 (Virrey Amat) and L1 (Fabra i Puig)
  2. The High Class Barcelona - If you are in Poblenou
  3. BCN Kush - If you are in Sants
  4. CUBE BCN - Near Sagrada Familia and El Clot
  5. The Cut - In the Raval, center of Barcelona

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