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Did you know that in the world of marijuana there is also competition? Whether you're a proud grower, an extractor with big aspirations, or just a cannabis enthusiast looking forward to a fun-filled, smoky event, you're in the right place.

What is a "sesh", How do they work, Can I participate? From Hollyweed we bring you all the information related to cannabis cups so that you are not left out of anything.

What is a cannabis cup about?

During a "sesh" or cannabis cup, each participant presents his or her product so that later the jurors, who are usually also participants, try sample after sample to find the best quality weed or extract. Yes, yes, it sounds obvious, I know, but this is not the only purpose of the event... To improve quality at a collective level, to relate and connect with marijuana professionals, to learn about different methods or techniques, are some of the main reasons why so many people participate.

Of course there are winners and every cannabis extractor would like to have the title of champion, but as Igor tells us in the video below brought to us by our friends at Root RaisersA sesh is more than a competition, it is inspiration. Getting to know new extracts, learning and improving based on the experience in the sesh.
FULL MOON SESH presented by @leanomada and Root Raisers
When it comes to judging marijuana...

Either the Full Moon Sesh that our dear @leanomada shows us in the video, or Spannabis, the biggest international cannabis trade fairOne would think that something important to evaluate in a cannabis cup would be the "high" or "hit" so to speak, wouldn't you? Well no, the reality is that this is very difficult to measure and is not something that is given importance during a sesh. Whether it is rosin, weed or any other extract, something that the jury always looks for is: purity, professionalism and technique of the extractor/cultivator, texture, cleanness in color and flavor, among other things.


In a sesh we will find several categories and subcategories in which to participate, the most common being the following:

  • Flowers: outdoor or indoor.
  • Hashdry sift, ICE or Rosin
  • Solvents

Within flowersGenerally, we will find a category for indoor or interior and another for outdoor or exterior and in both cases we present buds that are ready for consumption.

However, with age, as a rule, the number of chronic diseases increases. pharmacya that affect male sexual activity in some way.

Some subcategories of hash very common to see are: dry sift or "dry sieving" (classic form of extraction), ICE, which is a cold filtration and if you do not know what it is about, we tell you all about it in this article or Rosin, extraction under pressure where temperature and time have an influence.

Lastly, one of the most common categories is that of solventswhere the extraction is done through some chemical solvent, the most popular being butane gas, ethanol, propane or CO2. It could be said that ICE is a solvent as well, since the separation of trichomes is done through a solvent (water and ice), but this term refers to chemical solvents only.

rosin, cannabis concentrate
Rosin: cannabis concentrate
How to participate in a sesh?

To start you must grow marijuana or make some kind of extract. Just as if you are not a marathon runner you are not going to run in a 42k marathon, if you are not an experienced cannabis extractor or grower you are not going to sign up to participate in a sesh.

But whether you are an experienced grower and have an extract you would like to present, or if you would simply like to attend and be part of the event, the first step is to approach your trusted cannabis association, such as Hollyweed ;), inquire about upcoming events and ask for information on how to attend or participate. 


So now you know, if you want to know about the upcoming sesh or just know what a championship weed tastes like, we are waiting for you at Hollyweed, your favorite cannabis social club.

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