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Once you identify yourself as partner at the reception (this is a prerequisite for access to the services of our cannabis association), the first thing you will find is a classic and elegant decoration. Yes, we are talking about Hollyweed Barcelonaone of the leading cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

Hollyweed Barcelona is a cannabis club for restless peopleWe are always on top of our game, both on social networks and in our day to day life. Therefore, in the club you will find a wide variety of events and activities that will make you enjoy and forget about routines. The space stands out, as we have said, for its decoration. There are chairs and sofas, chandeliers, mirrors and plants throughout the club for you to enjoy. comfortable rest. And, of course, our jewel: you will find the dispensary at the end of the corridor, with a very imposing look with mirrors and wooden structures. And thanks to its unique glass front windows, you can enjoy pleasant sunny mornings and afternoons.

"Hollyweed BCN is for restless people".

Leaving aside the stylistic aspects, Hollyweed Club stands out for its friendly and willing staff. We are always ready to help and advise you according to the experience you are looking for! That's why our staff is also concerned about providing you with information and educational content, listing events and showing you a bit of our daily routine and the activities of the association. 

At Hollyweed, we care about you and your interests, that's why we also organize special events such as marijuana talks, themed events and more. Simply put: !follow us on networks and keep up to date with special events and dates at the club! And... Why not complement the experience with gastronomic flavors? The club features shakes and beverages of all kinds and very appetizing as coffee, ice cream or infusions, do you come to try them?

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