Series to watch under the effects of marijuana

The recreational use of cannabis has been a practice rooted in various cultures for centuries. In recent decades, its legalization in various parts of the world has led to an increase in its popularity and social acceptance. This article explores how cannabis can influence the audiovisual experience, providing recommendations of movies and series to watch stoned.

Cannabis can alter perception, enhance creativity and heighten sensations. When combined with visual entertainment, it can intensify immersion and appreciation of narrative and visual aspects.

Factors to consider before viewing content under the influence of cannabis

Personal sensitivity

Sensitivity to cannabis is highly individual and can vary significantly between people. Before selecting content to watch smoked, it is essential to consider how cannabis affects both your mind and body. Some people may experience a greater intensity in visual and emotional sensations, while others may require higher doses to feel the desired effects.

Understanding your own tolerance and sensitivity will allow you to choose the right content for a smooth and pleasurable cannabis experience.

Environment and company

The environment you are in and the company around you can have a noticeable impact on the experience of viewing audiovisual content while under the influence of cannabis. A relaxed, distraction-free environment with adequate lighting can contribute to a more immersive and pleasurable experience. In addition, sharing this moment with close friends or like-minded people can enrich the experience, fostering connection and the exchange of ideas about the movie or series being watched.

On the other hand, a tense or cluttered environment, coupled with company that is out of sync with the experience, could diminish enjoyment and attention span toward the visual content. Ultimately, choosing the right environment and company can make the difference between a satisfying viewing experience and a disappointing one.

Types of content and genres

When choosing content to watch stoned, comedy, emotional drama and science fiction emerge as prominent options. Comedy, with its ability to intensify laughter and enjoyment of the moment, is a classic choice that invites relaxation and entertainment.

On the other hand, emotional drama offers complex narratives that can generate a deeper connection and reflective experience, while science fiction and fantasy open doors to alternative worlds that stimulate the viewer's imagination and creativity, taking the audiovisual experience to new heights of sensory exploration.

Series to watch stoned

Laughter-boosting comedies

When it comes to comedies that provoke infectious laughter, "Pineapple Express" and the iconic "Cheech and Chong" movies stand out as ideal choices for a stoner experience. In "Pineapple Express," the combination of absurd situations, witty dialogue and hilarious performances creates the perfect atmosphere for laugh-out-loud laughter.

On the other hand, the "Cheech and Chong" films have established a legacy in the world of comedy films, offering irreverent humor and a comedic exploration of culture. cannabis. These humorous masterpieces unleash endless laughter, providing a lighthearted and carefree escape for viewers.

The chemistry between the characters, witty dialogue and comical situations lead to a truly unforgettable movie experience. "Pineapple Express" dives into a comedic adventure full of action and eccentricities, while the "Cheech and Chong" films explore the vicissitudes of two friends in their marijuana-induced misadventures.

These comedies not only offer hilarious moments, but also capture the essence of carefree fun, making them perfect choices for those looking to unwind and laugh out loud while enjoying a good joint.

Dramas with emotional depth

Under the influence of cannabis, dramas with emotional depth like "Breaking Bad" can take on an even greater intensity. The complexity of the characters and their dilemmas become more palpable, allowing the viewer to become more deeply immersed in the plot and experience a more intimate connection with the protagonists.

Moments of tension and conflict take on a new dimension of emotion, making the viewing experience even more memorable and poignant. From Walter White's emotional ups and downs to the complex relationships between the characters, every element of the story becomes more vivid and meaningful, offering an emotionally rewarding experience for those seeking dramas charged with intensity and depth.

Science fiction and fantasy to expand the mind

Science fiction and fantasy offer a perfect platform for mind expansion, especially when enjoyed under the effects of cannabis. "Rick and Morty" invites viewers to travel through parallel dimensions and explore complex concepts, while "The Big Lebowski" immerses viewers in a universe of surreal situations and eccentric characters.

These works not only provide entertainment, but also challenge conventional perception, stimulating the imagination and encouraging reflection on deeper issues. Combining cannabis with these visually and conceptually rich narratives can result in a truly enriching experience for the mind and spirit, opening doors to new levels of appreciation and understanding of the world around us.

Films that complement the trip

Psychedelic cinema classics

Psychedelic cinema classics, such as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "Up in Smoke", are true visual gems that transport the viewer to surreal and exciting worlds. These films, with their unique aesthetics and extravagant narratives, are perfect to enjoy under the effects of cannabis, as they enhance perception and immersion in the cinematic experience. With their creative use of cinematography and visual effects, these works offer a feast for the senses that perfectly complements the altered state of mind.

The extravagance of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and the irreverent comedy of "Up in Smoke" create an ideal environment for exploring imagination and creativity while stoned. These films not only offer an escape from reality, but also invite viewers to immerse themselves in a psychedelic journey full of surprises and adventures.

Their ability to defy conventional narrative conventions and immerse the viewer in a fantasy world makes them outstanding choices for those seeking a visually stimulating and exciting experience.

Animated and experimental animation films

Animated and experimental animated films offer a unique visual journey that can be especially captivating when viewed under the effects of cannabis. From imaginative worlds to surprising visual styles, animation tends to break the barriers of convention, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a sensory enriching experience.

The vibrant colors, abstract forms and non-linear narratives typical of experimental animation can enhance the feeling of being immersed in an alternate universe, adding an extra layer of fascination and wonder during the cinematic experience. From animated classics to avant-garde works, these films offer a visual journey that perfectly complements the heightened state of mind induced by cannabis.

Documentaries for reflection

In the vast panorama of audiovisual offerings, documentaries emerge as a window to diverse realities. "Trailer Park Boys" dives into the peculiar lives of a group of friends living in a trailer park, offering a comical yet revealing insight into the culture and experiences associated with marijuana.

On the other hand, "Cooking on High" presents an innovative perspective by exploring the connection between marijuana and gastronomy, revealing the culinary and cultural aspects of this plant in an entertaining and educational way. These documentaries not only entertain, but also invite reflection on the different aspects of the cannabis community and culture.

Recommendations for optimal experience

To ensure an optimal experience when viewing content under the influence of cannabis, it is critical to pay attention to space preparation and amenities. Be sure to create a welcoming and relaxing environment, with soft lighting and a comfortable place to sit or lie down. This will help to enhance the feeling of comfort and facilitate immersion in the audiovisual content.

In addition, having a selection of complementary foods and beverages on hand can further enrich the experience. Light, refreshing snacks and hydrating beverages can satisfy cravings and provide an added touch of sensory pleasure. Opt for options that are easy to consume and do not require much preparation to minimize interruptions during the session.

Finally, it is essential to practice moderation and self-care at all times. Know your personal limits and avoid over-consuming cannabis to avoid unwanted effects, such as anxiety or paranoia. Also, remember to stay hydrated and take breaks if necessary. Prioritizing self-care will ensure a pleasant and safe experience when enjoying smoked series and movies.


Cannabis is revealed as a tool capable of amplifying the sensory experience during the viewing of audiovisual content. Its effects can deepen emotions and sharpen the viewer's perception, providing a new dimension of enjoyment and appreciation of entertainment.

In addition, the act of watching series and movies while smoked can become an experience of conscious exploration, fostering creativity, empathy and reflection. This practice offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in narratives in a deeper way, exploring aspects of the mind and imagination that may lie dormant in sober states.

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