Here you will find the most asked questions by our members and people who want to join our club.

What is Hollyweed Barcelona?

Hollyweed is more than a cannabis association in Barcelona, we are the place to relax, meet new people and enjoy the best quality marijuana and hash. We provide different weekly activities and guaranteed good vibes.

How can I become a member of the Hollyweed Barcelona cannabis association?

To smoke marijuana legally in Barcelona, ​​you must do it in a private place, such as a cannabis association. To become a member of our social club, Hollyweed, you must have an invitation, be 21 years of age or older, and present photo documentation.

What about the security of the personal data I provide to a cannabis club?

Hollyweed treats your data with total confidentiality and responsibility so there is nothing to worry about. Your data will never be shared and is always stored securely.

Do I need an ID every time I enter the cannabis club?

Yes. One of the requirements to enter the club is to present an official identification from your country, be it ID, passport, driving license, etc.

Do I have to register every time I visit the cannabis association?

No, you only need to register once if you are a regular member. After that you can enter with your membership number and an id.

Can tourists/foreigners become members of the club?

Si. Si eres extranjero y/o estás de turista por Barcelona puedes hacerte miembro siempre que cumplas los requisitos antes mencionados.

Is it legal to smoke weed in Barcelona?

In Barcelona it is completely forbidden to smoke in public spaces. IT IS legal, tho, to smoke in private places, just like our weed club, Hollyweed.

Can I buy weed online in Barcelona?

No, there are no clubs that sell weed online.

What’s the main difference between CBD and THC?

The main difference is that CBD has relaxing effects and it doesn’t get you stoned. THC is guilty of the “high” effect of cannabis.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

An Indica strain is usually the best option for kicking back and relaxing due to its sedative effects. Recommended to calm stress, movie nights or close the day in a relaxed way. The sativa has a cerebral effect that generates a feeling of “euphoria”. Generally accompanied by an energizing effect that is felt in the body, it is more used during the day since it keeps you more active than an Indica strain.

I don't like to smoke. Do you offer other options to consume cannabis within the club?

Yes. In our cannabis club, Hollyweed, you will find edibles and concentrates so you can dab or vaporize, as well as water pipes and bongs.