According to the law, it is legal to consume cannabis in the city of Barcelona. Yes, but everything has a 'but': it is legal as long as this consumption is in private spaces such as the home or a cannabis association. So, here comes in what is understood as 'associations' or, more popularly known, Cannabis Social Club (CSC). 

What are they and how do they work? We explain them in detail in this article:

Like Hollyweed ClubA cannabis users' association is a non-profit organization formed by a circle of users. This circle, then, is created to be able to cannabis sharingwhether for recreational or therapeutic consumption.  

Thus, in Hollyweed Club you can enjoy the different cannabis strains in a legal way and without incurring in a crime by making a responsible consumption and protected under the umbrella of the law. 

What are we looking for at Hollyweed Club and how can you join a Cannabis Social Club?

Our existence is simple and can be summed up in three words: respect, diversity and curiosity. Therefore, our objectives are, above all, to be able to offer a place where our members feel comfortable and where they can feel at ease. can enjoy the consumption of cannabis alone or in a group. 

In addition, thanks to our staff, we stand out for being an association that cares about offering you information and educational content, listing events and showing you a great diversity of activities. Thus, we seek to promote culture, leisure and knowledge of truthful and accurate information about cannabis consumption. 

Are you hesitating to become a member? Don't even think about it! Come and visit us or write to us and, when you are ready to take the step, you will only have to follow a simple process: fill out the form relevant and fulfill the necessary conditions to become a memberGo ahead!

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