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Autoflowering... the key to beat the winter.

The key to success for growing cannabis during the winter is to choose the right genetics. There are many marijuana strains that are suitable for growing outdoors in cold climates, and choosing the best one depends on your own preferences.

The best marijuana genetics for winter are those that grow quickly. This is why a good idea is to use autoflowering genetics if you live in a cold climate. Autoflowering strains are genetically related to Ruderalis, a subspecies of cannabis that originated in Northern Europe and Siberia. This heritage gives these strains a hardy nature.

Winter can be a challenging time for many people. Short days, bad weather and cold air can contribute to poor health and impair physical well-being. Fortunately, marijuana is an ideal cure for these problems. Some strains can even be used to treat specific medical conditions, and others are simply used to combat everyday obstacles.

Girl Scout Cookies

One of the most popular strains for the winter is Girl Scout Cookies/GSCa genetics that is especially good for boosting mood and combating depression.

Cannabis plants that are not adapted for winter weather can be damaged by cold temperatures. This causes their leaves and buds to become unproductive and unable to absorb nutrients as they normally would.

Blue Dream

Another good option for growing during the winter is the strain Blue Dream. It has a high THC content (18%) and is an easy plant to grow. It needs about 10 weeks to flower and can be grown both indoors and outdoors in warmer climates.


The Afghan is another excellent choice, due to its hardy nature. These plants are resistant to extreme temperatures, and the autoflowering version omits the vegetative stage. Because Afghani plants are self-floating, they are more resistant to cold weather. These plants are also more suitable for indoor and outdoor growing.

Northern Lights

Finally, Northern Lights has the highest yields of any autoflowering cannabis strain. This is an indica-dominant strain that grows indoors or outdoors. Used to produce hybrids since the 1970s, it is perfect for beginners as it is resistant to stress and mistakes, and can survive cold climates.

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