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It is logical that, when we talk about cannabis, the image of the person who consumes it smoking it comes directly to mind. However, since Hollyweed ClubAlthough we love this way of doing it, we also want to make visible many other smoke-free alternatives to do it.

Vaporization, edibles, cannabis juice, cakes, beverages... There are many different types of alternatives to using cannabis away from the more traditional format. In addition, many of them are also less harmful to health. 

What is the problem with smoking cannabis? In previous articles, we have already talked about the differences between smoking cannabis or tobacco and, although the first option is much healthier than the second, there are a number of very important aspects to bear in mind that can be detrimental to health. The main problem can be found in combustion. Burning plant matter decomposes the chemical bonds between carbon atoms present in plants. This is how it is: the act of inhaling smoke from burnt plant matterwhether tobacco, cannabis or a mixture of both, exposes the body directly to these chemicals.

Smoke-free cannabis use

Because of these risks, many cannabis users are looking for new, healthier ways to enjoy cannabis. We will discuss four of them: 


If we compare smoking with vaporizing, we see that, with this alternative, there are many benefits for the organism. This is so because vaporizers are specifically designed for heating cannabis and/or others at the optimum temperature to extract their essential compounds, but without burning them. In addition, it is also a very cost-effective alternative to more economicalThere are vaporizers of all sizes and styles. Choose yours and take into account the temperature control: the ideal is, approximately, between 180º and 200º. 

Edible products

We have all heard of the typical "marijuana brownie". right? Actually, if you are looking for one of the healthiest methods to consume cannabis, ingesting food is one of them, since, when ingested (or drunk), it enters directly into the body without creating any dangerous substances. But be careful, what are the correct amounts for a good intake?  

In case of doubt, at Roots & Raisers we recommend use up little by little and always being aware of the quantities, asking the person who has baked or cooked. This process gives you the possibility to experience the effects of cannabis after a long time after ingestion, as they have to be digested and assimilated by the intestines.

Topicals or ointments

These are products that, as you might guess, are manufactured with cannabis extracts and are applied to the skin. These products are intended to relieve physiological pain and usually contain cannabinoids such as THC or CBD and many other ingredients, including aloe vera and lavender. 

These products are practically harmless to the bodyThey do not usually reach the bloodstream and do not produce psychoactive effects. 


This is perhaps the best known of the four methods detailed above. What does it mean? "make a submarine"? First of all, it is a community experience, which consists of smoking or vaporizing collectively while several users inhale the cannabis smoke at the same time. in a small enclosed space.

However, in terms of health, this is a controversial method, as it can lead to a lack of oxygen, as the smoke is inhaled with each breath.

Some of these methods are starting to gain popularity in the cannabis community, either because of values, economic and health benefits, or simply because of the "weirdness" point. Which one is your favorite? 

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