The cannabis culture has evolved in recent decades and along with it has come a vast amount of literature aimed at understanding, valuing and promoting knowledge about this controversial yet fascinating plant. If you have an interest in cannabis whether from a medicinal, recreational or merely cultural point of view, here are four essential books you should consider adding to your library.

Marijuana cultivation manual by Elisabet Riera

For those who are interested in getting started in the world of cannabis cultivation, this book is an essential tool. Elisabet Riera, with her vast experience in cannabis botany, presents a detailed manual that covers everything from the most basic concepts to the most advanced cultivation techniques.

Throughout its pages, the reader will learn about seed selection, the different stages of plant growth, and the best practices to obtain a high quality product. In addition, Riera offers advice on how to deal with common cultivation problems, as well as discussing the legal implications of cultivation in different regions. Undoubtedly, an essential book for any cannabis growing enthusiast. cannabis.

General history of cannabis by Isidro Marín

Beyond the contemporary debate on the legalization and medicinal use of cannabis, this plant has had a place in various cultures throughout history. Isidro Marín, in his work "General History of Cannabis", offers us a journey through time, exploring the historical origins of marijuana, its role in different cultures and the social and political transformations it has generated.

From its uses in ancient China to its role in the counterculture of the 1960s, Marin highlights how this plant has been revered, banned, and debated over the centuries. An essential read for understanding the place of cannabis in world history.

Understanding Billy Ganesha's marijuana

Despite its growing acceptance, there are still many myths and misunderstandings surrounding cannabis. "Understanding Marijuana" by Billy Ganesha seeks to clear up many of these misconceptions and offer an objective and well-grounded view of the plant.

In his chapters, Ganesha addresses topics such as the effects of THC on the brain, the role of cannabis in modern medicine, and the difference between recreational use and abuse. In addition, the author offers valuable advice for those who wish to consume cannabis responsibly and safely. An essential book for anyone seeking a clear, science-based understanding of cannabis. cannabis.

Dani Gordon's CBD bible

Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained incredible popularity in recent years, being touted as a remedy for a variety of medical conditions. In "The CBD Bible," Dani Gordon delves into the world of CBD, exploring its history, therapeutic benefits and future potential.

Gordon, using an evidence-based approach, examines the scientific research surrounding CBD, unraveling the truths from the myths. From how CBD works in the body to the best ways to consume it, this book is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in the world of cannabidiol.

The world of cannabis is vast and diverse, and these books offer a window into its many facets. Whether you're interested in cultivation, history, science, or the medicinal properties of the plant, there's a book on this list for you. As cannabis culture continues to evolve, it's essential to arm yourself with knowledge, and these works are an excellent starting point. Happy reading!

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