soil and a seedling

In today's article we bring you all the necessary information on how to treat the soil for your home crops! 

Whether indoors or outdoors, the soil we use will play a fundamental role for a healthy growth of our plants and that is why it is very important to know how to choose the right soil for your crop.

Let's start from the premise that not all types of soil are suitable for growing cannabis and not all cannabis plants are suitable for any type of soil, but this will depend on many factors such as climate and temperature, strain of our plants, if the crop is indoor or outdoor, among other things.

Characteristics of the land

Some points to take into account when choosing the soil for our crop, may be:

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Texture: we want our soil to have a light and airy texture. We must avoid at all costs the use of compacted soil, since it harms the growth of the roots of our plant. To aerate the soil we can add perlite, which we will discuss later.

Drainage and retention: it is very important that the soil we use has a good drainage. The accumulation of water due to poor drainage of the soil is one of the main causes of fungi and bacteria in our plants. On the other hand, if the soil does not retain water long enough and drains too quickly, it will generate the opposite effect leaving our plants without water. It is necessary to look for the balance between drainage and retention.

pH: the pH is a scale that indicates the level of acidity or alkalinity of our soil and is essential for plants to grow healthy. To grow cannabis, we are interested that the pH of our soil is around 6.0.

Nutrients: as our plants grow we will have to give them different types of nutrients that will help them in each stage. Generally the soil that we can buy in a growshop or nursery, comes with all the necessary nutrients for our plants, but by the end of 3 to 4 weeks the plant has already consumed them all, so we must be attentive to start giving fertilizers once this happens.


Conditioners to improve our land

If you do not want to use fertilizers, we recommend that you use some natural options to keep your soil healthy, such as: compost, worm castings or guano. Beyond this, there are some conditioners that will help us to have a special soil for our crop, we will tell you about them below.


Mentioned above, it is one of the most common conditioners and you are surely aware of it. Perlite is widely used and will serve to give air to our soil to prevent compaction. Adding a 10% or 15% of perlite to our soil will help a lot with drainage and water retention.


The result of the accumulation of excrements, generally from bats, guano is one of the favorite fertilizers for our cannabis cultivation because it has three important nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Keep in mind that it is not the same as adding manure or fresh plant debris, these can help our crop but always after having been decomposed.

If it is the first time you grow, we recommend you to go to your trusted growshop and buy the soil directly, as growshops usually have soil with the substrates and nutrients that our plant will need. Perhaps you can add some of the conditioners we mentioned to experiment and go deeper and deeper into the beautiful world of cannabis cultivation.

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